Community Health & Public Safety

On City Council, Alex will prioritize the quality of life for residents. He will work with City Council to improve parks and recreation, ensure safe bike routes, reduce traffic congestion, and maintain public safety. Alex will advocate for safer transportation for kids, greater walkability, less time stuck in traffic, and more time spent with our families. Additionally, now more than ever, public safety is critical for our residents, businesses, and visitors. Alex will advocate using smart technology such as smart street lighting systems and predictive modeling to enhance public safety, in line with Palo Alto’s reputation as the birthplace of Silicon Valley. He pledges that public safety will remain one of his top priorities on City Council. 

Alex believes strongly in the values of equality and inclusion. Our local officials must respond positively to the changing demographics of Palo Alto to ensure our community continues to be inclusive, welcoming, and adaptable. We are privileged to live in such a diverse city—35% of Palo Alto residents are foreign-born—and as an immigrant, Alex will bring much-needed perspective and representation to City Council.  

Economic Recovery & Support

In the post-pandemic era, balancing the city budget and ensuring long-term sustainability is more critical than ever. The budget determines who we tax, how much, and where we spend our money for programs and services in education, sanitation, public safety, libraries, social services, housing, and economic development. Because there is never enough money to do it all, the budget reflects the priorities of the city’s elected representatives. 

Alex will improve the revenue budget by using dormant assets with productive projects that benefit our city. He will work with the other city council members to generate additional revenue for years to come and secure long-term fiscal sustainability. 

As the epicenter of innovation, there should be no better place for small businesses than Palo Alto. After the devastating toll of COVID-19, Palo Alto’s small business community needs support from its elected leaders. As a small business owner, Alex is able to manage a given budget for maximum benefit, recognize the importance of planning, and work effectively with others toward common goals. Alex’s financial background and mindful approach will be an invaluable addition to City Council regarding balancing the budget and supporting small businesses. 

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our world today. No one is left unaffected by devastating wildfires, suffocating pollution, or perpetual droughts. Luckily, Alex is committed to following through with Palo Alto’s climate change goals. One of his main priorities is to accomplish the city council’s target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2030. He will work with City Council to enforce performance standards and provide incentives for the development of green technology, putting Palo Alto’s talent and inventive spirit to use. 

Additionally, clean energy is more accessible now than ever before. Alex will further push to invest in sustainable electricity sources in order to boost our city’s long-term environmental sustainability and create innovative new jobs. With Alex on City Council, Palo Alto residents can count on creative solutions, modern infrastructure, and a healthy city. 

Smart Housing

Housing is a human right. Data-driven reports show that California is in the midst of a housing crisis, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Palo Alto. As a real estate professional with negotiation skills honed by years of experience, Alex will work with the rest of the city council members to provide a strategy for meeting the city’s current and future housing needs.  

With Alex’s extensive experience in reviewing development proformas and analyzing entitlement opportunities and construction budgets, City Council will be better positioned to negotiate with developers on behalf of our community to yield more below-market-rate units. These affordable units, which usually make up around 15%-20% of any development, provide valuable housing for teachers, firefighters, waiters, medical workers, classroom aides, clerks, soccer coaches, and other essential members of our community. 

In addition to affordable housing, Alex supports “smart housing”: adding housing on high-traffic corridors to maintain the charm and character of our beloved city while still meeting the state housing element requirements. Smart housing also preserves the environment through eco-friendly units that use energy efficiently and leave smaller footprints. 

© 2022 Paid for by Alex Comsa for City Council 2022 FPPC# 1448633

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© 2022 Paid for by Alex Comsa for City Council 2022 FPPC# 1448633